[et-mgmt-tools] FYI: virt-manager improved remote management

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at redhat.com
Tue Sep 11 01:18:19 UTC 2007

Having played around with the remote management in virt-manager 0.5.0 with a
little more seriousness there were some fairly obvious issues to fix. eg If
the remote host is hung / slow to respond the initial connection attempt will
hang the whole UI. Also if SSH keys & agent were not setup then when using a
connection tunnelled over SSH the whole app could sit there forever waiting
for the user to enter a password on the command line - which you'd never see
in a GUI app unless you happened to launch from a terminal.

So I've refactored things a little. First of all virt-manager will fork into
the background, close STDIN and setsid() to drop its controlling TTY. This
prevents any attempts by SSH to prompt for terminal input. Second, I've moved
the calls to libvirt.open() into a background thread. While virt-manager is
attempting to make a connection you'll see a 'Connecting' status against the
row. You'll get a notification if there's a failure as before. You can have
many connections all attempting to conect at once if you want..

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