[et-mgmt-tools] New Cobbler Web UI about done ... testers/comments?

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Thu Sep 20 15:09:10 UTC 2007

Al Tobey and I have been working on a Web UI for Cobbler.  


We're still polishing up the last few remaining details, though it would 
be a great time for other folks to take a look, make comments, report 
bugs, and so on.   This will help get release 0.6.2 out faster.   From a 
git checkout, just run "make" and install the noarch RPM out of the 
"rpm-build" directory.   The instructions on setting up the WebUI are at 
the link above.

You'll see you are able to add cobbler objects (Distros, Profiles, 
Repos, and Systems) through the WebUI, edit existing ones, as well as 
run a "cobbler sync".   There's the equivalent of a "cobbler list" in 
there also -- to see all that you have configured.  Each field has 
comments below it saying what the field is for, frequently with 
examples.  Where it a field has limited valid values, we're using radio 
boxes, selects, and so forth.  So, we hope you find it easy to use.   
Suggestions are welcome, as I can see
that we'll probably be adding to it some over time.

A few known issues:
    -- If your login times out (30 minutes of no activity), and  you 
can't log back in, try deleting your cookies from the boot server.   
Should be resolved soon.  
    -- Kickstart template editing through the Web UI isn't there yet.   
We're working on that.

Also, if you were interested in Cobbler's read-write XMLRPC API, the Web 
UI source code is an excellent example of this. 0.6.2 also includes 
Apache proxying all XMLRPC to port 80 (no more firewall configuration 
for koan), plus the ability to select multiple virtual disk locations 
for virt machines.   There's also support for using Cobbler and DHCP 
management with multiple subnets, which I described in a previous 
email.   A copy of that on the Cobbler Wiki is located here:  
.   So, there's other stuff to check out in 0.6.2 as well.

If you have any Cobbler tips of your own, the Wiki is a great place to 
add them.   You'll need to set up a Fedora account at 
https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts if you don't already have one 
and you'll be good to go.


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