[et-mgmt-tools] New Cobbler Web UI about done ... testers/comments?

Peter Wright wright at imageworks.com
Fri Sep 21 16:44:24 UTC 2007

this is great!  couple comments inline....

Michael DeHaan wrote:
> Al Tobey and I have been working on a Web UI for Cobbler. 
> https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/cobbler/wiki/CobblerWebUi
in the wiki page the URL to access the webui is reported as:


although on my system the correct URL seems to be:



> You'll see you are able to add cobbler objects (Distros, Profiles,
> Repos, and Systems) through the WebUI, edit existing ones, as well as
> run a "cobbler sync".   There's the equivalent of a "cobbler list" in
> there also -- to see all that you have configured.  Each field has
> comments below it saying what the field is for, frequently with
> examples.  Where it a field has limited valid values, we're using radio
> boxes, selects, and so forth.  So, we hope you find it easy to use.  
> Suggestions are welcome, as I can see
> that we'll probably be adding to it some over time.
> A few known issues:
>     -- If your login times out (30 minutes of no activity), and  you
> can't log back in, try deleting your cookies from the boot server.  
> Should be resolved soon. 
>     -- Kickstart template editing through the Web UI isn't there yet.  
> We're working on that.


Everything looks excellent so far.  So much so I feel that I can start 
handing this off to other admins in my group to assist with provisioning 
systems in our lab. 

after a quick checkout the only request i have would be if one could 
sort by Hostname in the system_list UI.  We name our systems based on 
MAC address as well, so having the MAC field is redundant in our 
environment.  Not sure about other folks though.

once i had this off if i get any comments/suggests i'll be sure to let 
you all know.  we'll be adding new systems and modifying existing 
systems so hopefully we can help out with the debugging.

Other than that this looks awesome, thanks Al and Michael!!  I'll owe 
both of you at least a beer if we ever meet up :)


Peter Wright
Systems Administrator
Sony Pictures Imageworks
wright at imageworks.com

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