[et-mgmt-tools] Virt-Manager Valid Install Media URLs...

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Wed Nov 19 14:49:54 UTC 2008

Enzo Medici wrote:
> Ok, so I've gotten a Xen kernel installed just fine and booted. Now I'm trying to get a domU installed and am having trouble with the install media urls which are not clearly explained anywhere on the internet. All I see is use a valid install url without any explanation of what that actually is. For example, you would think you could use a .iso file, but you cannot. It doesn't appear that you can use a local install extract as all I see are FTP, HTTP or NFS servers. 
> 1. What constitutes a valid install media URL? What does virt-manager look for at this URL?
> 2. How do you get a valid install media URL for a particular Linux distribution? I looked at Ubuntu
> mirrors and don't see anything that looks like I can use.

We actually don't have support in the backend for fetching kernels
from ubuntu trees. I was playing with this over the weekend though
and I have a patch that will fix it.

This may work at the moment though since it could be detected as
a debian tree.

> 3. How can you create / extract the install directory from an .iso file? I can mount the iso and copy
> the contents to a directory, but what particular path do I use for the base directory for the install URL?
> 4. What are valid install media URLS for: Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSolaris, & Centos5?

For fedora, it has varied a bit for different releases, but basically
whatever ends in {ARCH}/os:


CentOS is similar, but seems to have ARCH and os reversed:


Debian/Ubuntu trees are everything up to the install-{arch} dir:


Does OpenSolaris even have links to trees? I could only find links
to install media.

- Cole

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