[et-mgmt-tools] Windows XP Mutiprocessor Support

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Wed Nov 26 16:29:59 UTC 2008

Sameer Naik wrote:
> HI Cole,
> I have attached a copy of my virt-manager.log file. hope you find it useful.
> You comments on KVM seem very inspiring, and im already set to give KVM a
> shot.
> Before that i would like to know a few things?

A lot of these questions are outside the scope of this list, so let's
not do too much back and forth. This info can mostly be found via google.

> -> What is faster Xen or KVM? I am aware that KVM particularly depends on
> the processor to support VT, which my processor does
>     (Xeon 5000 Series).

Current KVM and Xen fullvirt are analogous, I believe, though true xen
pv still has an edge performance wise. Granted I'm not an expert on any
of this stuff.

> -> Will KVM allow me to use multiprocessor support for Windows XP


> -> Does KVM support paravirtualization? or does it matter at all?

KVM has paravirtualized drivers for things like disk and network devices.

> -> Is the Migration of Xen fully virtualized guest to KVM possible?

If you mean doing an 'xm migrate' then no. But it should be possible to
move a FV vm from xen to kvm manually, though I'm not sure what errors
could pop up.

> -> Can i use virt-manager to manager KVM guests?

Yes, virt-manager has great support for kvm, and using kvm will allow
you to move to newer fedora versions which have newer (and much better)
versions of virt-manager.


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