[et-mgmt-tools] [PATCH] UI String Cleanups

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Mon Jan 12 20:08:29 UTC 2009

Richard Laager wrote:

Thanks for the contribution! And doubly thanks for all the bugs you guys
have been filing, it is greatly appreciated.

> The README file says to post hg bundles to fedora-xen. This mailing list
> (as listed on the website) seems more appropriate. If this is correct,
> the README should be updated. If you'd prefer this in the tracker,
> please let me know. Otherwise, here is the bundle:
> http://coderich.net/virt-manager-ui-tweaks.hg

This is the correct mailing list, but it's probably better to send
things as 'hg exports' rather than bundles. No harm now though, but I'll
update the README.

> This corrects a number of small UI issues. This should partially or
> fully address bugs 452411, 475682, and 475926.
> If the direction of this patch is good, Dan Bass, my colleague, and I
> can make another pass over the bugs we've filed/subscribed to and see
> what remains.

Patches look good. Had some trouble applying the first one, but I
gathered the gist of it and adapted it against the latest upstream. I
also combined all the label/wording changes into one patch for simplicity:



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