[et-mgmt-tools] [PATCH] UI String Cleanups

Richard Laager rlaager at wiktel.com
Mon Jan 12 23:09:45 UTC 2009

On Mon, 2009-01-12 at 15:08 -0500, Cole Robinson wrote:
> This is the correct mailing list, but it's probably better to send
> things as 'hg exports' rather than bundles. No harm now though, but I'll
> update the README.

This should probably be updated as well:

> > This corrects a number of small UI issues. This should partially or
> > fully address bugs 452411, 475682, and 475926.

I took a look at those (and other bugs we filed) and prepared a few more
minor UI changes:

The attached patch should address the remainder of the issues in
#452411, so it can be closed (assuming you agree with my comment about
the pause action there).

It also addresses the wording in #475926 (and similar other cases), but
does not address the buttons. I imagine I'd have to create the dialog
myself, rather than use gtk.MessageDialog? I'm familiar with GTK+, but
not the PyGTK wrapper, so any pointers would be helpful.

The patch addresses the wording changes in #478408, but not the more
in-depth suggestions:
        Alternatively, if the first item in the list is always selected
        (making it impossible to select nothing if the list is
        non-empty), then the physical device radio button could be
        greyed out when the list is empty; this would make this error
        message entirely unnecessary.
        Perhaps this dialog (or the wizard) should mention installing
        hal if the list is empty (which was the reason the list was
        empty for me).

Likewise for #475639... wording changes done, more in-depth changes not.

For these more in-depth things, if you like the ideas, please let me
know and I can see about implementing them. If not, then let's close the
bugs out now. ;)

In the Shut Down* submenu (and does that really need to be a submenu?)
and toolbar drop-down, I changed the terminology to "Shut Down" and
"Force Off". To me, this seems more clear than "Poweroff" vs. "Force
Poweroff". If you don't like "Force Off", I'd suggest "Power Off"
instead, keeping the clean "shutdown" action as "Shut Down". I preferred
"Force Off" over "Power Off" because 1) there is only power to hosts,
not virtual machines, and 2) I wanted to keep the word "force" to make
it clear that's not the clean action.

I also updated the machine status terms to be "Shut Down" and "Off"
instead of "Shutdown" and "Shutoff", respectively, so they match.

* Yes, I also changed "Shutdown" to "Shut Down", which is what GNOME is
using in the panel.

Thanks for your time and consideration of these changes,
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