2.4.24 I/O error breakage

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Sat Jul 3 13:02:21 UTC 2004

On 3 Jul 2004, Alex Bligh wrote:
> Twice in the past week (when things have previously been fine for a
> year), a server has locked up spewing forth a continuous stream of
> ext3 write errors. This is to a bog-standard IDE disk, only thing
> on the controller, etc.

I have had this sort of behavior on a system for some time, which
resolved itself as a faulty IDE cable in the end.

> Nothing EVER hits the logs. Not a single error. Every process that
> accesses the disk seems to fail. It looks like ext3 is failing every
> I/O request.

When the system generated (sufficient) corruption, it would trigger the
default action of remounting the filesystem read-only, which cause a
good deal of follow on failure; perhaps this is the case here?

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