[BULK] - Re: unexpected dirty buffer

Phil White ext3 at philwhite.org
Tue Mar 9 09:58:55 UTC 2004


You might try remounting /var with data=ordered and see if the problem
goes away.  I'm guessing it will.

I would actually recommend doing this, as I experienced regular crashes
with data=journal under heavy load in our test lab.  Under moderate load,
I only saw the "Unexpected dirty buffer..." messages, but when I really
cranked up the load (45 emails per second through postfix + spam filter,
2000 mysql queries per second on a 1GB table, syslogging maillog to disk),
I was getting kernel panics, 100% reproducible within a few minutes of
testing.  Because of these problems, I'm sticking to data=ordered for
production, even though I want data-journaling. :)

I doubt this is a driver problem, as I can duplicate it on two completely
different hardware platforms (one with SCSI RAID, the other with an
integrated IDE controller), unless of course those two drivers (and yours)
have the same bug :)


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