turning off journaling on the fly?

evilninja evilninja at gmx.net
Mon Sep 19 13:35:15 UTC 2005

myLC at gmx.net schrieb:
> Is there a way to disable journaling on the fly (some option
> in /sys)?

i'm not aware of such a switch, but two things come into my mind:

1) there is a mount option "commit":

     Sync  all  data  and  metadata  every nrsec seconds. The default
     value is 5 seconds. Zero means default.

2) the laptop-mode module [1]

both should reduce disk-activity by 1) enlarging the commit-interval
and 2) by grouping write activities.

you can turn off the journal with tune2fs(8).


[1] http://www.xs4all.nl/~bsamwel/laptop_mode/
BOFH excuse #78:

Yes, yes, its called a design limitation

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