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Re: Can't mount /home anymore


I'm still stuck with my unmountable home partition.
Would it be possible to mount it using a backup block somehow?


On 1/20/07, Nickel Cadmium <nicdnicd gmail com> wrote:
Hi Christian (& all)!

Thanks for the reply. I was away for some time but here is the extra information you requested.

Yes, after the message "fsck.ext3: e2fsck_read_bitmaps: illegal bitmap block(s) for /home", fsck just stops.
The command 'fsck.ext3 /dev/sda6; echo $?' returns the value 8. Looking at the man page for fsck, I found that this is an "Operational error". I have totally no clue what this means.

With fsck, nothing is reported in the syslog file. If I try mounting the partition, I get the following errors reported:
Jan 20 11:43:57 localhost kernel: EXT3-fs error (device sda6): ext3_check_descriptors: Inode bitmap for group 522 not in group (block 3271884801)!
Jan 20 11:43:57 localhost kernel: EXT3-fs: group descriptors corrupted !

I could dd the partition without errors. I did copy the partition two times already, I order to be able to try some recovery on it. With converting a copy to ext2 and running "fsck.ext2 -v -y" on it (in something like two days), I was able to get some files (all?) in the lost+found. However, the file names are lost and the directory structure as well. It's hard to tell which file is what.
I'm really wondering if there is a way to mount that partition again.

I run Mandriva on a Pentium PC. My kernel is 2.6.17-5mdv. However, I first thought than my /home problem was some kind of booting problem. Thus I upgraded from Mandriva 2006 to Mandriva 2007. This means that I don't know what my kernel was when the problem occurred. It should be 2.6.12 as this was a straight out-of-the-box installation.
My fsck version is "e2fsck 1.39".

Best wishes,

On 1/14/07, Christian Kujau <lists nerdbynature de> wrote:
On Wed, 10 Jan 2007, Nickel Cadmium wrote:
> # fsck.ext3 /dev/sda6
> e2fsck 1.39 (29-May-2006)
> Group descriptors look bad... trying backup blocks...
> Inode bitmap for group 522 is not in group. (block 3271884801)
> Relocate<y>? yes
> fsck.ext3: e2fsck_read_bitmaps: illegal bitmap block(s) for /home

...and after this message, fsck.ext3 just stops? What's the exit code of
fsck.ext3? (e.g. 'fsck.ext3 /dev/sda6; echo $?'). Try " fsck.ext3 -v" for
more details. Is there anything related in your syslog? Can you dd(1)
the device (read! not write! :)) without errors?

Which kernel/arch are you running?

BOFH excuse #99:

SIMM crosstalk.

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