New undelete tool for ext3

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Tue Mar 11 22:56:07 UTC 2008

On Tue, 11 Mar 2008, Carlo Wood wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 03:30:12PM -0400, Michael Biggs wrote:
>> Why isn't the source available?  What license is it under / do you plan to
>> release it under, and when?
>> Just wondering.
> I'll release it under the GPL version 3.
> I still need to make a package of it, ... I'm not REALLY in a hurry
> to that though, because even though I'm not asking money for this tool,
> I'd very much like it to hear from people who use it, what their
> experiences are - and hopefully hear from them about success.
> I've written quite some howto's and usually I never get ANY mail
> about them. That kinda sucks. People should realize that I'm
> doing this as a volunteer and that it costs me considerable
> amount of time. A 'thank you' would be nice every now and then ;)

I understand your frustration. The fact that people use your stuff but 
won't come around to say thank you will probably not change. It's 
however possible to shift your perspective and that has the potential to 
reduce the frustration.

Consider that with your work you will give other people the impetus 
or the energy or the excitement, that will make them or let them do 
their little contribution to the common wealth of open source.

Someone will google desperately, discover your tool, rescue her FS, be 
thrilled, and contribute back their enthusiasm by writing a HOWTO about 
her favoured tool - say Gimp f.ex. Some other person much later on will go 
off and write a filesystem instead - say ext3. You and me - maybe 
everybody in the OSS world are really standing on the shoulders of 
*giants* and we are only able to do what we want/need because there were 
so many others that added their little or big piece to the base we're 
using - and hey, have we gone out and thanked all those people?

   $ dpkg --get-selections|wc -l
      2840	# roughly the number of installed packages on my sys

Anyway, I was thrilled by your detailed description of the on-disk ext3 
structures. Brilliant! Two months ago this would have been *exaclty* what 
I had needed, I'm sure somebody will be *very happy* to find all this 
information, nicely tended and comprehensible in one place. Thanks, very 

   Tomas Pospisek -  Linux & Open Source Solutions

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