Block bitmap differences

Eric Sandeen sandeen at
Thu Oct 23 16:07:54 UTC 2008

Roland Bock wrote:
> Ted,
> thank you for your answers.
> Is it normal to encounter file systems with minor errors? We run 8 
> systems with Ubuntu 8.04 64bit and e2fsck reports "<device> contains 
> file system with errors" for at least one partition on every machine.
> Since there are 4 different types of hardware configurations, I tend to 
> say that hardware is rather not to be blamed...
> If it is not normal, what could be the reasons?

Look in your system logs; if the fs is flagged with errors, it should
have issued a message when the error occurred.


> Are there any options to turn on logging which could give more insight 
> (what would be the performance impact)?
> Thanks and regards,
> Roland

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