Block bitmap differences

Roland Bock rbock at
Thu Oct 23 17:53:26 UTC 2008


what should I be looking for? In /var/log I grep'ed for ext and fs (case 
insensitively) in all syslog, messages and kern.log files. I found 
nothing which indicated an error to me. Just occasional mount/umount 
messages and the like.

Well, to be exact: I did find some error messages from the time when we 
had hardware issues on one machine. But nothing since these were 
resolved two weeks ago. e2fsck was happy then.

Thanks and regards,


Eric Sandeen wrote:
> Roland Bock wrote:
>> Ted,
>> thank you for your answers.
>> Is it normal to encounter file systems with minor errors? We run 8 
>> systems with Ubuntu 8.04 64bit and e2fsck reports "<device> contains 
>> file system with errors" for at least one partition on every machine.
>> Since there are 4 different types of hardware configurations, I tend to 
>> say that hardware is rather not to be blamed...
>> If it is not normal, what could be the reasons?
> Look in your system logs; if the fs is flagged with errors, it should
> have issued a message when the error occurred.
> -Eric
>> Are there any options to turn on logging which could give more insight 
>> (what would be the performance impact)?
>> Thanks and regards,
>> Roland

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