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Re: The Multimedia Question

fre, 20 07 2007 kl. 00:41 -0700, skrev David Boles:
> on 7/19/2007 11:31 PM, Karsten Wade wrote:
> > On Thu, 2007-07-19 at 22:30 -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
> > 
> >> "In this article, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes points out why he keeps giving 
> >> money to Microsoft and Apple despite the clear advantages of Linux: the 
> >> scary legalese dialogs you have to click through 
> > 
> > Maybe a scary warning in simpletonese, like a pack of cigarettes:  "If
> > you smoke this MP3 codec, it will eat your brane and come back for
> > dessert."
> <lurk mode off>
> I have watched this thread, as well as many others like this, from the
> outside. As an ordinary user and not as programmer/maintainer/developer
> which I am not. An ordinary user point of view. Linux for a long time.
> Fedora since FC-2.
> I do understand the Fedora FOSS policy and I do agree with it.
> But what needs to be said, once again, by an ordinary user is this.
> Be careful what you offer to provide a 'lead to' or a 'go here for this'.
> Truly. Most, surely *not* all, of the people that want these types of
> codecs and plugins to play, for example, mp3 music files or DVDs movies,
> will be using these to listen to and play pirated (Bittorrent) music and
> movies. And most, again surely not all, would be more than happy to
> steal/violate/'call it whatever you wish' to be able to do so.
> Do you really want to promote that?
> Here I back out and put:
> <lurk mode on>

Are you basically suggesting Fedora start becoming the thought police
here. "I'm sorry sir we object morally to what _might_ be your intend as
it _might_ be in violation with the law".

That would just be disgustingly anti-freedom, what's next will
OpenOffice be monitoring what I'm typing to ensure that I'm not making
ransom notes?

Should I mention that I own a skimask and a crowbar.. are you telling me
the hardware store should have stopped me from buying them together out
of the fear that I might be procuring them for breaking and entering
rather than for the purpose of tearing down my shed?

- David 'No longer 2 sheds' Nielsen

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