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Re: The Multimedia Question

On Fri, 2007-07-20 at 09:36 -0800, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> I would like for us to be able to clearly point to that cd
> as a derived work, as a secondary product of our efforts, to show off
> what our open infrastructure makes possible and to inspire more people
> to look at using our infrastructure for maximal benefit.  How do we do
> that without letting derived works with bits outside of our cvs use
> the Fedora mark?

Does it matter, if we allow usage of the Fedora mark for some specific
set of "OK stuff", if it is called "Fedora" or "based on Fedora"?

IMO but IANAL, it's the same thing for brand dilution -- if the based on
Foo is evil, and Foo allows the evil to use the Foo mark, then Foo gets
the Evil Eye, too.

So, for the below, I'm going to say "call it Fedora" and that could be
mean plain old Fedora or a "$VERBed on Fedora" we derive from the
inevitable bike shed discussion.

Now, based on that and current rules, why cannot we encourage Dell to
use the Fedora mark?  Is it the existence of non-free software on their

Let's think through some ways this could be done, swiping a style from
Toshio ... help fix my thinking:

-1:  Based on Fedora with non-free, patent-encumbered-in-the-US (peitUS)
software can be called "Fedora"
0 :  Based on Fedora with non-free maybe-peitUS but distributable can be
called "Fedora"
1 :  Based on Fedora with free but peitUS can be called "Fedora"
2 :  Based on Fedora with free and maybe-peitUS but distributable can be
called "Fedora"
3 :  Based on Fedora with free and not peitUS can be called "Fedora"

We have 3 currently.  We know that -1 is already disallowed by the
standing trademark guidelines, right?  Some people argue we have 0 with
firmware.  What we are discussing here is, what do we want to do with 1
and 2.

- Karsten
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