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Fedora Board Elections

As you all know, the Fedora Board consists of 9 seats -- 5 appointed by Red Hat and 4 elected by the community.

After Fedora 7's release, 6 of those 9 seats rotated -- 3 appointed and 3 elected.

Now that Fedora 8 has been released, the other 3 seats need to rotate -- 2 of the appointed ones, and 1 elected seat.

Bill Nottingham is going to remain on the Fedora Board in an appointed seat. The second appointment will be made soon -- Chris Blizzard has stepped aside from the Fedora Board, and we are looking at a couple of different ideas for his seat.

We only have 1 elected seat open this time around, but I wanted to kick off the process for filling it.

Last time, the community elected Dennis Gilmore, Jef Spaleta, and Chris Aillon to the Fedora Board -- all superb choices.


The URL above contains all the necessary information. Nominations are open until December 6th.


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