What makes a spin a Spin?

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Tue Feb 26 04:14:35 UTC 2008

Rahul Sundaram (sundaram at fedoraproject.org) said: 
>> 3) Smaller spins, such as localized spins, are created and hosted
>> elsewhere.
>> I can imagine item #3 gives some people concern, as the final isos
>> would be created outside of the main fedora infrastructure. 
> What do I do If I don't have space or bandwidth to host it elsewhere?

It's probably the same answer that exists for secondary arches at
the moment - the Fedora project bandwidth and storage is not infinite,
so the project has to pick and choose its priorities.

If the project can't host the spins, you may investigate something like
jigdo for the images, although that may not make things significantly better
for you.

The fact that it would be so problematic to host spins for 10-30
localizations frankly says something about doing spins to that specific
of a degree; doing something where you can pick a language from the
boot or login screen makes more sense.


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