IRC meeting feedback

Steve Dickson SteveD at
Wed Mar 12 13:40:40 UTC 2008

At yesterday's board meeting, we talked about how 
well we thought last week's IRC meeting went. Overall, 
the generally consensus was things went well... a few 
tweaks here and there, but it was felt the meeting 
was productive.

Now the question is, what did you think? 

Was it a productive use of your time? 
Anything we can improve on?

The current thinking is to having these meetings
once a month (the first Tuesday of the month), which
means the next meeting would be April 1 (which should be fun! ;-) )
Is this too often maybe not often enough, or just about right?

Finally the agenda of these meetings. The consensus was
we would kept the agenda light to give more Q&A time.
Does this make sense? Should the meeting be just all Q&A?

Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated... 



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