Planning Post F10 Elections

Francesco Ugolini fugolini at
Sat Sep 27 09:29:22 UTC 2008

2008/9/24 Matt Domsch <matt at>:

> I like the idea of multiple elections at the same time.  In my
> experience, such increases voter turnout (there's more to gain/lose at
> one time), while decreasing voter burnout ("another election?  didn't
> I just do that last week?").

Yeah, it could works. In my past experience give a slot at time could
result in a slow community processes.

Another key point is that with multiple election we will able to have
steering committees working on the same working frequency and it could
be a benefit for everyone, community first.

>> >From an administration POV, it'd be best if that's the case there is at
>> least a day or so between the *SCo and Board elections (time for
>> announcements etc to be made), on the other hand, if the above is
>> suitable, they could all be held on the same time period.
> I'd say do it all at once.

+ 1

2008/9/23 Nigel Jones <dev at>:
>> Now, I'd assume that this situation would be fairly rare, and in these
>> cases we could have the situation where a candidate says "If I get both
>> nominations, I'll only accept the one for X", my question is, is this
>> acceptable to _you_.

Yes, there aren't problem, and it could sounds reasonable.

>From an Ambassadors point of view there aren't problem on the election
schedule. FY and Release Schedule are indipendent each other. Whoever
will be elected in those election would start work on FAmSCo budget in
February, with Q1 and a new FY (the Q4 budget will be closed in
December 1st). Moreover new FAmSCo will start working on Membership,
Training and Events mentoring (etc) when it will go in charge.

I want only to ask to make it in a period out of "Christmas", just
because it would be risky (we need all the community to hold such
important activity).


Francesco Ugolini

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