[Ambassadors] Preparation for FOSS.IN 2006

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Thu Oct 5 10:53:24 UTC 2006

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Kushal Das wrote:

> About the stall, I am ready to volunteer, gja said he will also join me up.

If handouts are required to be given out at the stall, get in touch we
might be able to get something going (and perhaps add content to the
LinuxAsia handout which gdk had magic-foo-ed)

> Still we decided about 3 talks, overview, FC6 and packaging, mether 
> volunteered for the first two, me for the last one.

I think it might be a good catch if we answer the burning question "I
want to contribute to/work with Fedora - where do I start" rather than a
plain overview.

If packaging for Extras is the focus area - then it is most important
that we talk about the workflow associated with becoming a packager and
getting a packing in FE and finally maintaining it.

> We are looking for comments on what else can be done & some more talks.

Better to have impromptu talks at the spaces the organisers promise to


> Hope we will have a Fedora Ambassadors' meet there..

With Tejas, yourself and Rahul around - it is a meet already


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