[Ambassadors] Paperwork anyone ?

Hanafiah Muhamad hanafiah at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jun 7 06:58:28 UTC 2007

Dear Respected Ambassadors; :-)

I believe many of you out there have experience to handling many linux /
fedora event. I would like to recommend that we build a system that list our
documentation and also paperwork. This system can help many people to create
their own event or caloboration with other parties.

We also can created own own standard in handling our event. Beside that we
can make enhance our performance.

The most important is to create local Fedora LUG. Local LUG can be used to
distribute media and merchandise. This can eliminate multiple request or
shipping cost. Local Fedora LUG should be responsibility to manage
merchandise and local fund.

Later on this LUG will be line P 2 P torrent which can support each other.

Thank You

Mohd Hanafiah bin Muhamad
Fedora Ambassadors for Malaysia
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