[Ambassadors] Fwd: [Fwd: From Joydip Roy]

Karlie Robinson webpath at fedoraproject.org
Fri Jun 22 14:00:03 UTC 2007

Rodrigo Padula wrote:
> Ohhh sorry, i redirected the mail for the wrong list.
No worries, Rodrigo.

Regardless of the list, Free Media requests that are directed to one 
person are a big problem.

We just don't have the resources to fill all of the formal requests and 
that sends people to the "back door" seeing if they can get a disc.

I know I sound like a broken record, but for me it's very embarrassing 
to have such a long list of requests and so few people getting discs. 
(as of this morning, there are 200 names in the June list and less than 
60 have been filled)

You all know that I fill discs based on sponsorships I receive at 
On-Disk.com (order fedora, send a sponsorship) and a few things are 
happening on my end that I can comment about.

One, The FC6 List for May hadn't been finished when F7 was released, so 
a large number of the sponsorships that came in via On-Disk.com with the 
rush for the fresh release were needed to fill the back log.  (evidence 
for our ongoing problem)

Two, the Mad rush for a new release is calming down so there aren't as 
many sponsorships each week.  (why I've only filled 30 from June)

Three, with the huge number of people still waiting for a disc and July 
just around the corner, I'm feeling more than a little bummed about the 
whole situation.  (evidence showing a problem continues into the future)

Four, I'm even more bummed that I've asked for ideas and assistance to 
get the word out, yet there have been only a few responses.  Meanwhile 
there has been 14 emails about the 7 year itch... Around 35 messages 
about infinite freedom.  (evidence that I'm barking up the wrong tree 
and I'm not sure which is the right tree)


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