[Ambassadors] Helping Free Media

Greg Dekoenigsberg gdk at redhat.com
Fri Jun 22 14:10:51 UTC 2007

On Fri, 22 Jun 2007, Karlie Robinson wrote:

> Four, I'm even more bummed that I've asked for ideas and assistance to 
> get the word out, yet there have been only a few responses.  Meanwhile 
> there has been 14 emails about the 7 year itch... Around 35 messages 
> about infinite freedom.  (evidence that I'm barking up the wrong tree 
> and I'm not sure which is the right tree)

Hm.  Lots of talkers, not enough doers?  It's a common problem.

So let's talk it through.  Thanks for the kick in the behind, Karlie.

I believe that we have a problem with infrastructure of participation.

Let's start with the assumption that Ambassadors want to help.  I think 
it's reasonable to ask Fedora Ambassadors to help fill Free Media requests 
on a semi-regular basis.

Given this assumption:

What does the workflow look like, right now?  It's still email-list based, 
right?  How does an ambassador, or anyone else, get involved?  The answer 
isn't *simple* and *clear* to me from looking at the wiki page.  I'm 
guessing that doesn't help adoption of this worthy project.  The email 
list is a good start, but it's time to move beyond that.

The workflow for this *should* be web-based, database driven, and simple:

1. ANYONE can go to the FreeMedia web request.

2. Request goes into appropriate regional queue -- which is publicly 

3. ANYONE can claim the request.  If they're actual ambassadors, they get 
some kind of credit, but literally ANYONE can join and claim requests. 
Request goes into the regional "pending" queue -- which is publicly 
visible.  Email is sent to the requestor that says "hey, so-and-so has 
sent you a disc.  Please click HERE when you receive it."

4. When the requestor receives the disc, he/she clicks the link, and the 
request is moved from "pending" to "completed" regional queue.  "Credit" 
is given if the person is in the account system.

I believe that we need this kind of workflow to make FreeMedia a success. 
I also believe that this is one case where we could consider rewarding 
contributors.  Send 100 pieces of media, get a shirt signed by Max.  Or 

FreeMedia is struggling.  It shouldn't be.  It's too good of an idea to 

Max -- do we have any TurboGears gurus who could spend a few days to get 
this project off the ground and hook it into the Fedora Account System? 
Because it shouldn't be too complicated.


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