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Re: [Ambassadors] FOSDEM 07 Feed Back

On Thu, Mar 01, 2007 at 12:34:34PM +0100, Frederic Hornain wrote:
> Dear *,
> First of all, sorry for the wrong manipulation !
> Then I would like to excuse myself to have missed at the last minute this
> fabulous event this year but as I told to Chitlesh last friday
> unfortunatly my daughter was very ill and I could not be there. I had to
> take care of her.
> Sorry again. :(

Hello Frederic again - I think that everybody understood it. We hope that your dauther is going well now.

> Nonetheless, I have seen that Fedora presence was successfull.
> I looked at pictures at http://www.simline.de/fosdem and I recognized some
> ambassadors that I met previouly.
> I have also seen that OLPC laptop was at the Fedora Booth as planned.
> However, I would be very interesting by your fresh feed back in order to
> improve this event next year.
> I know already that we would have to increase the size of the booth.
> Sorry for that but I did not know at the reservation time that as much as
> Fedora people came.

>From my side, I think that the booth has been great. Even is it was not the same at LinuxTag (as we spoken with Joerg).

> So,
> Did you have any problems with the Dev'room ?

I don't think so - imho. Anyone got any problems ?

> Did you have any problem with the Hardware Insurance ?

I didn't use it :)

> Do you think that Red Hat and Fedora would have a common booth or a separate
> booth close each other ?

I don't know if Red Hat will be there next year, but I hope that it will be. And either I don't know what Max is thinking about this - because I share his opinion that Fedora should show that it's maitened by community from most part and not from Red Hat (more after merge of core and extras repo's) - and I don't want to say that Red Hat is not doing a good job from their side. (again it's my humnle opinion).

> What kind of improvment would you suggest for next year ?

I was surprised that the network was working :P Just suggestion, maybe it's good idea to change the place of booth, as it can be different every year.

> What do you think about an annual FUDCON at FOSDEM for EMEA Fedora users ?
> And so on and so for ....

>From my side, this FOSDEM was best of FOSDEMs. Thanks guys !!!

> Thanks in advance for you answers.
> BR
> Fred


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