[Ambassadors] An Event in VIT-VELLORE, Need People to give talk on Fedora

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Fri Aug 8 17:46:43 UTC 2008

Satish Eerpini wrote:
> Hi Francesco ,
> we were expecting someone  ( or anyone)from the Fedora community in 
> general , who are well versed with the working of Open Source and 
> could make the Freshmen experience the power and feel of open source 
> with their talk , and what can be a better example than the Fedora 
> Project itself . :-)
> i am also sending a copy of this to rahul , as i have seen that rahul 
> is among the most active of the India Fedora Community . Once we have 
> someone who is ready to take the opportunity  to represent the Fedora 
> Project and the Open Source in general , we could have further 
> discussions about the exact event dates , and other details !
> we are looking forward to this event as a big way to start out with 
> Fedora at our college !
Feel free to contact me and we can discuss what needs to be done. In 
general, what would scale well is local ambassadors become recognized 
contributions within their region and lead, mentor other new 
contributions but if there isn't anyone already present who can do that 
just yet, I can help kickstart that.


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