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I am Kevin Higgins. I grew up in PaloAlto California during the
Silicon Valley growth period. I developeda strong dedication to
computers and computer programming during myyouth. Now I live in
Vancouver, Washington and have been teachingLinux to my daughters and
to individuals who purchase my refurbishedcomputers. I have built my
business, Crossbytes, based on the theorythat everyone should have a
computer and the software available toreach their individual goals. I
have installed Fedora on severalcomputers and have adapted Fedora to
the ASUS EEE laptop computer. My daughter uses the ASUS EEE for all of
her school assignments andnow in her senior year she is planning on
using it in college aswell.My clients range from middle schoolstudents
to senior citizens. Fedora has allowed me to open a wholenew world to
many people. These individuals have not only learned touse Fedora in
their everyday lives they have learned the innerworkings of the system
allowing them to continue growing as computerusers. They enjoy
learning new programs and they rest assured in thesecurity and
stability that Fedora offers them. My goal is to rebuild and
refurbishused computers and put them in the hands of children that
could nototherwise afford them. I am building relationships with
severalschool districts in both Portland and Vancouver to begin a
nominationprocess for deserving students. Each nominated student will
receivea complete computer system from Crossbytes with a custom spin
ofFedora consisting of a Monitor, tower, keyboard, mouse, printer
andset up for internet access. All of the computers and printers
comefrom people within the community who have donated them to
Crossbytes.Everyone who has converted to Linuxfrom other operating
systems are impressed with the security and easeof use. I want to
continue educating individuals about Fedora andpromoting Fedora to
everyone who desires to learn. Not one personhas converted back to an
old operation system. They have referredtheir friends and family to
me for Fedora systems and education. The foundation for the Fedora
surge Ihave envisioned has been laid. As I progress with my goals I
foreseethe surge becoming a wave. Linux touches so many different
agegroups in so many different ways that numerous
educationopportunities arise. I am ready for each new adventure
andopportunity as they become available. User: crossbytesName : Kevin
HigginsFedora Ambassador For Vancouver, WA.,USA
I was not sure if this is the correct way to sign an e-mail but I signed.

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