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David Nalley david at gnsa.us
Mon Aug 25 00:02:32 UTC 2008

2008/8/24 Kevin Higgins <Admin at crossbytes.org>:
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> I am Kevin Higgins. I grew up in PaloAlto California during the
> Silicon Valley growth period. I developeda strong dedication to
> computers and computer programming during myyouth. Now I live in
> Vancouver, Washington and have been teachingLinux to my daughters and
> to individuals who purchase my refurbishedcomputers. I have built my
> business, Crossbytes, based on the theorythat everyone should have a
> computer and the software available toreach their individual goals. I
> have installed Fedora on severalcomputers and have adapted Fedora to
> the ASUS EEE laptop computer. My daughter uses the ASUS EEE for all of
> her school assignments andnow in her senior year she is planning on
> using it in college aswell.My clients range from middle schoolstudents
> to senior citizens. Fedora has allowed me to open a wholenew world to
> many people. These individuals have not only learned touse Fedora in
> their everyday lives they have learned the innerworkings of the system
> allowing them to continue growing as computerusers. They enjoy
> learning new programs and they rest assured in thesecurity and
> stability that Fedora offers them. My goal is to rebuild and
> refurbishused computers and put them in the hands of children that
> could nototherwise afford them. I am building relationships with
> severalschool districts in both Portland and Vancouver to begin a
> nominationprocess for deserving students. Each nominated student will
> receivea complete computer system from Crossbytes with a custom spin
> ofFedora consisting of a Monitor, tower, keyboard, mouse, printer
> andset up for internet access. All of the computers and printers
> comefrom people within the community who have donated them to
> Crossbytes.Everyone who has converted to Linuxfrom other operating
> systems are impressed with the security and easeof use. I want to
> continue educating individuals about Fedora andpromoting Fedora to
> everyone who desires to learn. Not one personhas converted back to an
> old operation system. They have referredtheir friends and family to
> me for Fedora systems and education. The foundation for the Fedora
> surge Ihave envisioned has been laid. As I progress with my goals I
> foreseethe surge becoming a wave. Linux touches so many different
> agegroups in so many different ways that numerous
> educationopportunities arise. I am ready for each new adventure
> andopportunity as they become available. User: crossbytesName : Kevin
> HigginsFedora Ambassador For Vancouver, WA.,USA
> I was not sure if this is the correct way to sign an e-mail but I signed.
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> Comment: http://getfiregpg.org
> o3ZfQxp8ilqYQ3ELZD5p84dwiiW01eBA5VKEDCHxKdvG/bXzV6qtDJhTlJClLTCR
> Bs17i0Z8ngamR9Ojaj2vKuEQg84W3Tfa/TLACdneNK9bERsDVC2296vyvNkWq7FS
> rKwUXTOfbD7OSTtb+iwirAWaZJ1szIDwGknubnPCVQVvio4PCUYV35YuKfnFtPpm
> 005GSO+xINEj9uBiTZSIHawNqhMFWeSdHvcRcgnuwU4Pdg5aLxLDRYUHL/XiDCEj
> mgBW9UTwHXh8d8X4Wm94LibR/JSj+oTa+g5WzrLgjcoOOzw2hnV7Rt7S3AGIPA/4
> Na/bCglFcExiDphLvnGUhxWsflY/XoRy/JK4hm/SOG586LSp2rplQ8KtY74P6vCf
> nO37yXefpcfPjVpxxmyDMVykNmjMS3tQiIztY6SwFTRxS30yHhOHeILgLwHA6POp
> tbkTBY7LtJi2rCMxHhE4t+jwJpmdjaOMOXXl3mlS1E1XFth2mVjLks+Ph77gB/WS
> jpaKbIw5mmMKKZOZBCfMQ/jhjwYmCksCwcCzPzJYc7jLrJZjEU9JB4rofIRd2dbw
> gJ/GEOfSgqn6xZKzcp4TkSXymFtn2PUg9XUXElY3Tx7c39IK7xF6im3/In23pMrd
> O7N1y52JimUpdHsLx41z
> =MC2D
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Welcome Kevin -
The North American Ambassadors meeting is weekly on Tuesday evening
9pm EDT in #fedora-meeting on irc.freenode.net.
There is also a group that hangs out in #fedora-mktg and
#fedora-ambassadors pretty much through out the day.  - feel free to
join us.

David Nalley

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