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Andreas Rau rau_a at web.de
Thu Feb 14 18:02:51 UTC 2008

Hi Gerold, Hi Ambassadors,

- Shall we postpone the founding and use the FOSDEM as a Q&A event from
our side? 

+1 I think it is important that everyone knows about this.
Ambassadors need answers and we need the acceptance - 

- Should we found this NPO?

+1 of course, we will need an alternative way for finance in the future

Kind regards,
Andi Rau

Am Donnerstag, den 14.02.2008, 12:54 +0100 schrieb Gerold:
> Hello Ambassador World,
> as you might have read, Jeroen and me are trying to found a
> Non-profit-Organisation (aka NPO) for Europe and we want to found this
> FEDORA EMEA entity @ FOSDEM ...
> In the past few days I have to answer a lot of questions because it seems
> that we haven´t done our homework very well to announce, explain and
> answer the questions of everybody of you ...
> So what shall we do right now? Shall we postpone the founding and use the
> FOSDEM as a Q&A event from our side? Should we found this NPO?
> BTW: Let me explain a few things about thinking about that NPO:
> We (Jeroen and me and a lot of other Ambassador attending the FAD EMEA
> 2007) thought we found this NPO in GERMANY (depends on German Law) BECAUSE
> I personaly founded such a NPO,  "my" local LinuxUser Group Loerrach. This
> NPO -in which I hold the chair at the moment- is acknoledged by German law
> to spend tax reductable donation receipts (for companys, members,
> everyone) ...
> Back to the basics (of that German law of founding) ...
> First you need to be seven legal persons who are willing to found such a NPO.
> Second, you need to meet face-to-face.
> Third, ONLY people from THIS foundational meeting are allowed to
> - accept and vote for the statutes
> - elect the BOARD of the NPO who much attend that meeting in person
> FOURTH, In the statutes who are in German, you give the frame of your
> entity and its Goals, Amount of Board, membership fee and so on.
> That´s I hope are all dependencies who must be fullfilled to 100% ...
> Any comments? Ideas? Doubts?
> Let me/us know!
> Gerold
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