[Ambassadors] Re: FAmSCo Chair Election Result

Francesco Ugolini fugolini at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jan 15 15:26:42 UTC 2008

Many of you just know who I am, for who that doesn't know me, i'm Francesco
Ugolini, italian Ambassador and, starting from yesterday, FAmSCo Chair.

This new year is full of news: starting from the new Fedora Leader, Jack as
a marketing related issues coordinator and, finally, the new FAmSCo.

After I was nominated FAmSCo chair I asked myself: "What is the future for
Ambassadors Project?"

Just give me two minutes to answer this question.

Last year people understood that something was wrong and, probably, they
were right.
This is an evolving project, it is not yet stable, and we need to improve
day by day, year by year with the help of all the community. I think we
stayed too long in a static situation and it was the cause of the stall.

Now it's time to start the change. You know how much important are your
ideas and your work for us, so it wouldn't be possible to think a change
without your support. As you know FAmSCo is here to help people, linking
them and giving them the resources to allow ambassadors working well. Not
only. It has to steer, guiding people, proposing new ideas, understanding
what is right and what is wrong for the project and working following the
best way: that's what we will do.

You probably know the other FamSCo members: they are great people and
trusted Ambassadors. During this year you will know more about me and them
and, at the end, you will be able to give us a judgement.

Remember: if we (Ambassador from everywhere) will work all together we will
able to obtain great results.

Best regards

Francesco Ugolini
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