[Ambassadors] Resignation from the Ambassadors project.

Pablo Barrera pablo.floss at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 18:07:28 UTC 2008


2008/1/16, Jonathan Dieter <jdieter at gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I live in Lebanon, which isn't part of the US or Europe (though it is
> part of EMEA for the purpose of Fedora).  And I definitely don't believe
> that any ambassador should resign their identity or needs to a vague
> hand-waving "greater good".

Its not about indentity, its about, how is the real attention  to other
"less stronger" countries.
If the idea is focused only on strong fedora ambassadors  demography
countries, will never be
and wordwilde fedora community focused on each region  and nation.

What I'm trying to say (and possibly saying very poorly) is that this
> kind of competition between the Fedora Ambassador regions is bad.

Nobody talks about competition, I am talking about real needs. Dont get
confused about this.
Crisis is present. Theres countries with less attention than others. This is
a reality.

> should be working together, not against each other.  That's what I mean
> by Fedora first, region second.

In order to be possible, theres must be a region focused activity, if you
look forward
EMEA, your are not seeing under you region. The worldwide vision is true, it
exits and its
present, but the role in your region, is attend the needs of your region.
Autorreferencial vision
are need to promote fedora locally. You can see how the EMEA or US works,
but you must apply
this "methods" to your local needs, and sometimes, the local needs are
different than the "main models"

I am very aware that Fedora Ambassadors are far larger than EMEA and the
> US, but it seems that this whole problem has risen because a member of
> the latter distrusts the former (though this might be completely wrong).

i dont think so about a distrust. Different vissions and opinions, doesnt
distrust anyone. We dont have
the need to go to the same place, with the same methods. We are united on
distro and vision about FLOSS,
but we have special different needs.

>           And the new FAmSCo *must* make sure that
> >         their highest priority is Fedora Ambassadors, not their
> particular
> >         region (no matter what has gone before).
> >
> > I dont know how is your condition in your region, as you dont know how
> is our condition here.
> > So , the highest priority for Ambassador is "spread fedora", this is the
> mission, the statement
> > and the purpose of Ambassador.
> Yes, exactly!!  The point I was making is that FAmSCo can't show
> favoritism (which seemed to be the original accusation).

Favoritism is not the correct word. The correct word is "focused on stronger
countries". This is not
a subjetive reflection. Reality show us, that the main idea is focused only
on stronger countries and
let in "the second stage" the "weak" countries.

 Note that I'm
> not insinuating that FAmSCo ever has shown favoritism or ever will.

So?....who insinuate this?...nobody insinuate anything. Nobody is telling
nothing against nobody.
We are talking about how to improve the processes...

You as an Ambassador will focus on your region.  FAmSCo's job (at least
> as I understand it) is to be a support to you as much as is possible.

Until today, FAMSCO was a "ghost" for me. Nothing more than a "cd/dvd ship"
The only REAL contact that i have with famsco is Rodrigo. Nothing else.
Nobody ask me
what i need for my region, my country or my local needs for events.

>         If we succeed in this, the different regions will work together
> >         effectively, Fedora Ambassadors will grow and people like Bob
> will come
> >         back.  If we fail, then Fedora Ambassadors will be divided into
> >         bickering groups that fade away into irrelevance.
> >
> > Fedora Ambassadors are divided right now. I understand that the
> developing of the distro
> > must be focused in Red Hat based countries, it is common sense.But  about
> Ambassador
> > roles, the leaving up of Bob, represents the inner crisis, that Ithink
> the new management of FAMSCO
> > and the important continuing role of Max, wants to resolve.
> All I was trying to say is that we as Fedora Ambassadors really need to
> make sure that we're working together rather than fighting each other.

Split is a reality. We have a structural problem about interpretation of
"local" and "global".

As for the development being focused on "Red Hat based countries", I
> disagree.  I'm currently working on yum-presto, a yum plugin designed to
> reduce the download size of updates.  Seeing as most "Red Hat based
> countries" have bandwidth to spare, this isn't very useful for them.
> However, for those of us with limited bandwidth, it's very helpful.

"useful for everyone" will be better ;)

Pablo Barrera
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