[Ambassadors] Resignation from the Ambassadors project.

red_alert at the-psychiatry.ch red_alert at the-psychiatry.ch
Tue Jan 15 21:12:49 UTC 2008

Thank you for resigning. It'd be a blame to be an ambassador while people with
your attitude are too.

I don't know why 4 EMEA ambassadors were voted into FAmSCo instead of only 3 or
even 2. Maybe, because mostly EMEA-ambassadors voted and others did not care?
Maybe, because 5 out of 11 nominees were from EMEA? Maybe because much work is
done in EMEA - by EMEA ambassadors and people noticed? Maybe because most
support went to the USA in the past years and people wanted to change this?

Btw, the previous FAmSCo consisted of 4 US ambassadors. Did you resign when they
were elected? I guess not.

Fedora ambassadors in EMEA are having a good time indeed. We're about to
establish that NPO of ours and this might mean that we'll finally get more
support. And yes, more EMEA ambassadors in FAmSCo could mean more support too.
But what would Fedora be without the non-EMEA people? What would we (EMEA)
ambassadors be then? We EMEA people know very well, that people (incl.
ambassadors) at other places are important. And - IMHO lacking quite some
support in the past years - we know how it is to be in need of support. I
therefore truly believe, that the current FAmSCo will do a very good job. The
best job they can possibly do. I know all 4 EMEA FAmSCo members in person, from
a handful events. I know they're doing a great job when they say they'll do. And
they're fair.

You're not, Bob.

Nevertheless, I wish you much success with your plans for marketing. In my
opinion, marketing is very important to us ambassadors - and we ambassadors for
marketing. Working together is the keyword there, exactly as is within the
ambassadors. Don't you dare to forget that!

Kind regards
red / SandroMathys

Robert 'Bob' Jensen <marketing-list at fedoralinks.org> hat am 15. Januar 2008 um
20:38 geschrieben:

> I have made a choice to resign from the Fedora Ambassadors project for a 
> couple reasons. First I do not feel that all ambassadors will be equally 
> represented by FAMSCo and its choice of leadership. Second now is the 
> time to begin rebuilding the Fedora Marketing Project in to what 
> Ambassadors could have been. I wish all the ambassadors that are not in 
> Europe or the EMEA area the best of luck you are going to need it in the 
> coming year.
> For those ambassadors that are in the EMEA "think globally and act 
> locally" the choices you are making now will impact everyone in the future.
> Robert 'Bob' Jensen
> Former Fedora Ambassador, Former FAMSCo
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