[Ambassadors] Resignation from the Ambassadors project.

"Guillermo Gómez (Gomix)" guillermo.gomez at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 19:16:32 UTC 2008

Andreas Rau wrote:
>> FAmSCo is not Europe. FAmSCo is You.
>> FAmSCo is made by people voted by people, people who came from all the
>> World, moreover, each ambassador could nominate himself/herself and
>> could be a FAmSCo member. So i don't understand why you say FAmSCo is
>> looking only at Europe. 
>> We were chosen by Ambassadors and we will work for everyone, it
>> doesn't matter the place where they live, their language: for FAmSCo
>> each ambassador is important.
>> Regards
>> Francesco Ugolini
Dear friends

Im back, and just want to drop some thoughts after reading a lot of 
emails in the list, and after voting :)

If we focus on stronger communities, how are the weak ones are going to 
progress? Imho, stronger communities should focus on weak ones to get 
them stronger. Are we just helping RH to do more money on more 
profitable countries or are we really caring on building a global floss 
community? I believe in Fedora as a commitment from both sides, 
enterprise and community.

Im not very active in the list, but im always doing my job promoting 
Fedora and Rodrigo was the only famsco i recall who really cares about 
our activities consistently, thanks Rodrigo. I really felt FAMSCO (2007) 
in the past has no major role helping us in almost any way and facts are 
that we must compete against stronger communities for resources and 
attention in an unfair conditions which most of the times i tried in the 
past just lead to nowhere but deception so we had to turn our heads to 
ourselves and just forgot about FAMSCO and move on, then we made our own 

Some people would say the expend their own money and time to promote 
Fedora and related activities, why they dont think that some other 
people on other places all over the world just cant do that? Why they 
dont think their social/work/living conditions are absolutely different 
and that their opportunities and resources are so not comparable? Making 
a global community from that starting point would have no sense if we 
dont understand that and that we must compensate to promote fairness, 
and as far of results, it looks like to me, that ambassador project is 
out of tracks and that all of us should talk about that and promotes a 
better Famsco, good luck and congrats and best wishes to all new 
Famscos, u all have my support and my honesty.

I hope to have a better motivation to participate regularly

Guillermo Gómez
Fedora Ambassador

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