[Ambassadors] thank you to LinuxTag team!!!

Sandro "red" Mathys red at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jun 2 19:47:32 UTC 2008

Congratulations to everyone, for what the blue man group has achieved!

It's been great, IMHO the best event/booth so far. But as always,
there's still much potential to do it even better next year. Even if
we've been the "best", we need to improved are will not be the best for

So open up your schedule and write a big fat "FEDORA @ LINUXTAG 2009" on
the pages for June 24-27, 2009 (plus 1 day before/after the event, I

You're always welcome to help us plan/organize next year's LT...

I hope to see everyone of you at many more events during the year before
the next LT is taking place.

red / Sandro

Max Spevack wrote:
> I want to say a big THANK YOU to our entire LinuxTag team.
> We had *by far* the most professional, best-looking, and most useful
> booth, staff, and presentation of any group.
> I will be preparing the rest of my blog posts and trip report soon, but
> very quickly I must say that this was the best Fedora event I have been
> to, and I am so proud of our entire EMEA team.
> Congratulations to all of you -- make sure you take a moment to enjoy
> the success of this week, and to feel proud about how much Fedora has
> achieved!
> We were the #1 booth at the fair -- far more professional, far much more
> traffic, and far much more interest than any of the other communities
> that compete with us for contributor and developer mindshare.
> More to follow on my blog in the next day or so....
> Thank you all so much,
> Max
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