[Ambassadors] LinuxTag 2008 and afterwards

Wed Jun 4 08:35:17 UTC 2008

First off i would like to congratulate the Fedora Projekt and all
involved in the organization of the LinuxTag Event.
The booth was by far the best on site. All visitors who had questions
were quickly "processed". All Ambassadors, and they were many, enjoyed
their job and this was great to see. 
I hope to be part of the next LinuxTag Event.

After an event is before the next event. Which basically means - we
should get to organizing the next LinuxTag soon - not a couple of weeks
/ months before the start.
I would very much join in with the organization team and help out.

Also we should discuss the way to present Fedora, especially in the
Talks / Seminars / Workshops. I have one major fault I noticed, not only
by Fedora but almost all others did this as well. All presentations were
theoretical only. Use Streaming / Screencasts or even live practical
shows in order to get more response and interest from the public. Also I
believe we need to rethink the target of our presentations. I talked to
a few visitors listening in on the presentations and almost all say that
they would like to actually see and not only hear about features /
projects. Only the KDE project group actually showed things in their
presentations, not everything worked perfectly - but that is not the
problem and was very well played over. :) 
As an experienced trainer I know people learn best by seeing and
hearing. Powerpoint is nice but showing the real thing is better :)

Hope to see / hear your comments.

Christian Grams

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