[Ambassadors] Re: Student partnership program. Extending fedora mentor program to students.

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Fri Jun 20 17:22:21 UTC 2008

Its not that we were absolutely not informed. For example, I got the
information of the workshop, but rather late. Besides, when delivering
sessions or workshops like this, I guess CSE has to a very active part of
it. If we had known of it well in advance, then there would have been a
better participation from our Dept.

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On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 2:23 PM, Debarshi Ray <debarshi.ray at gmail.com>

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> >> I know about that GCC workshop. But please note that it was held at the
> >> Department of Radio Physics and not in the Department of CSE. So most of
> us
> >> CSE guys were not even informed of that. I came to know of it rather
> late.
> In any case the worskhop material is available at:
> http://www.ilug-cal.org/wiki/images/CU-WS-Materials.zip So feel free
> to grab a copy.
> >> Events like this have to be widely publicized for the target audience to
> >> attend.
> It was publicized to the extent that we drew just enough participation
> that ILUG-Cal.org could handle.
> Cheers,
> Debarshi
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