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[Ambassadors] [Fwd: [Ilugc] mukt.in 2008 [Event News]]


Is anyone interested in participating in this event by giving a talk, managing a booth etc? Let me know.

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Hi all,

mukt.in 2008 'Call For Participation' is now online at http://mukt.in/registration.php
Interested speakers can register here: http://mukt.in/participants_registration.php
Attendees are requested to register on the site.

Collaboration can happen over #mukt.in at irc.freenode.net which is also available from http://mukt.in/chat.html

It would be great if we can spread the word.
Participant contributions to mukt.in are welcome.

Please do pass on this information to any companies/organisations that might be interested to sponsor the event.

Srikrishna Das
Lead Organiser
<krish at irc.freenode.net>

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