[Ambassadors] Cebit Report 2008

Peter Reuschlein peter at reuschlein.de
Tue Mar 11 20:59:10 UTC 2008

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| Cebit is mainly business, but there is a high percentage of endusers. 
Cebit is flooding people with free tickets, as the visitors declinded 
the last years.
| Saturday they had even free entry for women.
| And Fedora is not strictly non-business. We use it in our company, 
Wikipedia uses Fedora, Nasa, ...
| And Cebit is worldwide! I attended the KDE booth this year and had 
some interessting talks to people from all over the world: India, 
Russia, Chinese, some smaller countries like Rumania, Aserbaidshan and 
Might be interresting especially because its getting more and more "non 
- profi" users. Cebit got in the enduser area during the last years also 
it was focused on b2b.
| The first step is to increase its visibility at all. Fedora is mostly 
unkown in Germany.
| And for competitive reasons alone: Ubuntu, Debian and openSuse are 
| The whole Redhat family is missing. Redhat was absent this year (god 
knows why). Fedora and CentOS too.
Don´t know if is an good idea, but like the idea of a booth for all 
together. So present the diffrent ways within the projects / products. 
Mainly for endusers with Fedora, the Server enviroment with CentOS
and the productive and mission - critical Systems with Redhat. That 
would show that there is only a single way to go. Why learn 3 diffrent 
OS when there is something like Fedora / CentOS / RHEL that are pretty 
familiar to each others.
The question might be if there will be a catching the users from each 

Not so deep into that things yet

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