[Ambassadors] OpenExpo Day 2

John Babich jmbabich at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 06:25:35 UTC 2008

2008/3/14 JoergSimon <jsimon at fedoraproject.org>:
> Today was our last Day at Open Expo. We were a strong team Fabian, Timea ,
>  Sandro, Frederic and finally Alan Cox and Jan Wildeboer. We all answered
>  questions an encouraged people to work with us. A view minutes before i get a
>  mail from a new contributor who want support Chitlesh with Fedora Electronic
>  Lab.

A great Fedora team at the event.

>  Jan and i had conversations with OLPC.ch and arranged some contacts to
>  support/start a project in Jericho. Because Jan brought his OLPC B1 with a
>  newer SW Version as the OLPC B2 that we had, i decided to upgrade firmware
>  and software to try the colaboration stuff, Alan crossed his Fingers and
>  after a view workarounds both OLPC could work together. Even the formating
>  process looks great. Max&Seth, you see your old OLPC get a second life :-)
>  All DVD´s, CD and many Flyers are given away - Fabian has the numbers. From
>  the countless number of people with i had conversation at this day, there
>  were around 10 People who will do something to support Fedora in some way.
>  Yes, we need that "Join Fedora Station" and a coordinated mentoring to pick
>  them up.

It sounds to me like you were very busy and had a very productive time.

>  I had also interesting talks with business people and told them how they can
>  participate to the Fedora Project and get benefit (not in Money counts) with
>  it.

Fedora has a lot to offer to businesses, large and small, both in
functionality, and even contributing savings to the bottom line.

>  It is impossible to describe the fun and all the good things - that is
>  somewhat you must experience by yourself.
>  Find some pictures http://www.simline.de/OpenExpo08/

I like the giant Fedora posters.

Best Regards,

John Babich
Fedora Ambassador
Member, FAmSCo

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