[Ambassadors] IRC Log of FAMSCo Meeting - 14 Mar 2008

John Babich jmbabich at gmail.com
Sat Mar 15 20:05:56 UTC 2008

<fugolin1>	hi, just 2 mins
<spevack>	hi francesco
<fabian_a>	hi guys
<jmbuser>	hi everybody
<fugolin1>	ok, i think the others will join us in the next minutes
<fugolin1>	we can start
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<fugolin1>	It's time for the roll call
<fugolin1>	FrancescoUgolini
<jmbuser>	JohnBabich
<fabian_a>	FabianAffolter
<spevack>	MaxSpevack
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*	spevack thinks things have been going pretty well overall the last
few weeks for famsco.  lots of good progress
<fugolin1>	Unfortunately Jeffrey can't join the meeting due to work issues
<fugolin1>	spevack: this sounds good :)
<fugolin1>	Before we start with the agenda i want to know who will log
this meeting
<fugolin1>	last week was John
<fugolin1>	is ok for you to do this again ?
<fugolin1>	John = jmbuser
<jmbuser>	fugolini: No problem
<fugolin1>	thank you
<fugolin1>	Today's agenda:
<fugolin1>	 1. Events Budgets status (to be defined in the list)
<fugolin1>	2. Wiki Pages Cleanup status
<fugolin1>	3. Ambassadors Project status (events, activities etc...)
<fugolin1>	1. As i said Jeffrey can't be here
<spevack>	well, i think we pretty much worked out all that budget
stuff on the mailing list, and Jeffrey will send it to ambassadors
list this weekend
<fugolin1>	He is working hard defining great budget policies
<fugolin1>	sorry but i'm typing on a real small keyboard
<fugolin1>	spevack: do you want to say something about it ?
<spevack>	well, just one quick thing
<spevack>	i think that once jeffrey sends it to the list.
<spevack>	it is important to remember that we have been thinking about
this for a week or two now
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<spevack>	other ambassadors might have questions, and let's make sure
that we take time to watch the mailing list and help people understand
<spevack>	I think that we need to be open to suggestions too
<spevack>	the entire point of the process around getting th Events page updated
<spevack>	one month before the quarter starts
<spevack>	is that so everyone can make sure that we are using our money well
<spevack>	the processes we are proposing are not too complicated
<spevack>	but i want to make sure people know that we are open to feedback
<spevack>	EOF
<fugolin1>	Surely i will personally work overe there, i love feedbacks :)
<fugolin1>	thank you Maxù
<fugolin1>	Ok, personally what i had to say about it is on the M-L
<fugolin1>	take a look at it
<fugolin1>	Let's go on
<fugolin1>	 2. Wiki Pages Cleanup status
<fugolin1>	Today i want to spend some time over this issue
<fugolin1>	because it was a little bit undertaken
<fugolin1>	and i was one of the people that undertook this
<fugolin1>	During the last meeting i gave a deadline
<spevack>	can i ask a quick question
<spevack>	since i missed the last meeting?
<fugolin1>	yep
<spevack>	Is the goal basically to look at every page under
Ambassadors/* on the wiki, determine if it is still useful, should be
deleted, needs updating, etc?
<fugolin1>	this is the first task we wanted to take care
<spevack>	i think that is a very good idea
<spevack>	and one that we are hoping that various Steering committees
for all sub-projects will do with their part of the wiki.
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<spevack>	Here is what I was thinking about doing.  Francesco, you can
tell me what you think
<MrTom>	ThomasCanniot
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<MrTom>	(sorry for being late)
<fugolin1>	it's an hard job, but we have to divide the work between us
<fugolin1>	MrTom: np
<bop80medic>	+
<spevack>	I was simply going to do a search on the wiki for all the
pages under Ambassadors/* and make a list of pages that I think could
be ok to delete, put those in a list, and let people consider it.
<spevack>	EOF
<bop80medic>	!
<spevack>	bop80medic: go ahead
<fugolin1>	spevack: good, i created i small wiki page you can see
here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/CleanUpPages
<fugolin1>	bop80medic:
<spevack>	fugolin1: i will add to it
<bop80medic>	I am a bit late.. and I have to go on here
<bop80medic>	I am AndreasR
<fugolin1>	happy to see you
<bop80medic>	we change our corenetwork this weekend and I have to go
one with some work
<bop80medic>	so I can not participate our meeting
<fugolin1>	bop80medic: after the meeting we will send to Ambs and
FAmSCo list the log
<bop80medic>	eof
<bop80medic>	thx a lot, sorry
<bop80medic>	but I have still a lot things to plan
<bop80medic>	will read the log and communicate throught our mailinglist
<bop80medic>	eof
<fugolin1>	I think everyone at famsco (except who is working in other
task, like budget,  but they are accepted if they want to work )
<fugolin1>	so thanks max
<fugolin1>	:)
<jmbuser>	!
<fugolin1>	jmbuser:
<bop80medic>	thx too ... will leave now.. have a good meeting
<jmbuser>	I can do some wiki cleanup too
<jmbuser>	eof
<fugolin1>	now it's only listing, but after we will finish such task
we will start working over it
<spevack>	fugolin1: i think the wiki cleanup is important, and i will help!
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<fugolin1>	so, i think we could spend 10 minutes per day browsing the wiki
<fugolin1>	the next task will be the concrete activity
<spevack>	fugolin1: let's make it a goal to have a list of all the
pages under Ambassadors/* that we think either should be deleted or
that are "questionable" for next week?
<fabian_a>	+1
<jmbuser>	+1
<fugolin1>	+1 too
<spevack>	there are only about 300 pages, and most of them are meeting
logs, so it won't be too hard
<spevack>	http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraMain?action=fullsearch&context=180&value=Ambassadors&titlesearch=Titles
<fugolin1>	so, the next task after the listing will be the cleanup work
<fugolin1>	i think we could ask for a wide partecipation off all Ambs proj
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<fugolin1>	my personal idea is that we have to create a soustenable
way to update
<fugolin1>	faster and frequently
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<fugolin1>	it's not possible to have a lot of outdated pages and
noboday takes care of it
<fugolin1>	FAmSCo will coordinate the work, it would be responsible
for some "sensible" pages
<fugolin1>	and the other pages would be updated by the other ambs.
<fugolin1>	eof
<fugolin1>	What do you think?
<spevack>	fugolin1: sounds like a decent plan.  i'm sure it will work
out, especially once we start to identify pages
<jmbuser>	!
<fugolin1>	jmbuser:
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<jmbuser>	Is everyone familiar with how to track wiki changes using a wildcard?
<jmbuser>	eof
*	spevack is
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<spevack>	It's in your UserPreferences page
<jmbuser>	spevack: correct
<spevack>	If you put "Ambassadors.*" for example, then you will get an
email when any page with Ambassadors in it changes.
<spevack>	just in case anyone doesn't know
<jmbuser>	spevack: That was my point - thanks
<fugolin1>	i tracked some pages in the past
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<fugolin1>	i'm using this tool in wikipedia
<fugolin1>	but this is offtopic
<jmbuser>	!
<fugolin1>	The next meeting we will discuss about the result of the first part
<fugolin1>	jmbuser
<jmbuser>	We should remind people of this facility when we ask for
help on the list
<jmbuser>	eof
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<fugolin1>	yes
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<fugolin1>	I think we have to take care of this issue this week, i
invite everyone to report everything he thinks important concerning
this issue
<RodrigoPadula>	hi all!
<RodrigoPadula>	sorry.. im late
<fugolin1>	it's important that everyone knows the opinion of the other
<fugolin1>	RodrigoPadula: np
<fugolin1>	*others
<fugolin1>	if nobody has other questions we can go ahead
<fugolin1>	ok ?
<fugolin1>	3
<fugolin1>	2
<fugolin1>	1
<fugolin1>	 3. Ambassadors Project status (events, activities etc...)
<fugolin1>	the last year we didn't have a lot of FAmSCo meetings
<fugolin1>	i think it could be a good idea to have a small space to
discuss briefly about less important issues etc...
<fugolin1>	I want to start with a simple one: Fedora Ambassadors Voice posters
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<fugolin1>	thanks to Nicubunu (he made a great job) we had some cool posters
<jmbuser>	+1
<fugolin1>	As jeffrey remembered the flag template doesn't follow our policies
<fugolin1>	so i think we could accept two posters the Post-It one and
the Face one
<fugolin1>	i think we could produce some of them and put at some events
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<fugolin1>	to sponsorize our sub-project
<fugolin1>	that's all
<spevack>	+1
<RodrigoPadula>	+1
<jmbuser>	+1
<spevack>	this is exactly the sort of stuff that our $12k per quarter
budget is for.
<fugolin1>	good :)
<fugolin1>	The next small issue is FAmSCo member events partecipations
<fugolin1>	i think all we had to know where FAmSCo is
<fugolin1>	just to have an ideas to improve our presence in certain
<fugolin1>	i don't know if you agree with me
<fugolin1>	that's only a proposal
<fugolin1>	tell me
<fugolin1>	+1
<spevack>	here is what i think
<spevack>	FAMSCo members should try to get to at least one or two
events a year that are relatively close to their location.
<fab_a>	!
<spevack>	most famsco members already do FAR MORE than this
<spevack>	especially in europe
<spevack>	eof
<spevack>	like fabian for example :)
<MrTom>	you sure ? :)
<spevack>	and you too tom ;)
<MrTom>	roll on next one :)
<RodrigoPadula>	!
<fugolin1>	unfortunately this year was not good for me (expecially in
may/june due to exams)
<fugolin1>	i will try to carry the second part of year events
<fugolin1>	*BIG events
<fugolin1>	i will also work in Italy (but with smallest ones)
<spevack>	fugolin1: it's no problem.  i will be there too, which will
help with having more people at events.
<spevack>	in EMEA
<fab_a>	i attend an event mostly as an ambassador and not as a member
of famsco. of course i'm a member of famsco but the visitors don't
care about that :-)
<fugolin1>	RodrigoPadula:
<RodrigoPadula>	here in brazil i'm covering all important events (see
the events list)
<RodrigoPadula>	and now, i'm working to improve and support the latin
american events and communities
<spevack>	I think we have done a very good job of having people who
are active leaders in Ambassadors end up on FAMSCo.  And also, FAMSCo
has a very global makeup.
<RodrigoPadula>	this year.. will be a good year for fedora in the latin america
<spevack>	US, EMEA, South America, etc.
<jmbuser>	!
<RodrigoPadula>	eof
<fugolin1>	jmbuser:
<spevack>	and that is important -- because Greg and I -- our goal from
*Red Hat* is to ensure that Fedora continues to glow globally, not
just in the USA.
<spevack>	s/glow/grow
<spevack>	EOF
<skvidal>	I like glow
<jmbuser>	I can cover Middle East and South Asia fairly easily - and
parts of Africa if needed
<fugolin1>	I think we could map the avaiability
<jmbuser>	I think GITEX in Dubai was a success and would like to do it
again this Autumn
<jmbuser>	EOF
<spevack>	jmbuser: +1
<fugolin1>	of FAmSCo members
<spevack>	jmbuser: i want to come :)
<RodrigoPadula>	we are improving the resources to support the latin
american community: now we have magazines in Portugues and Spanish,
Fórum, Web sites and others
<RodrigoPadula>	FISL will be great!!! With Greg, me, David, and others
<jmbuser>	spevack: You're always welcome :-)
<fugolin1>	I think we have to be able to make some presentations at the events
<RodrigoPadula>	Max, you need to come to Brazil ;-)
<spevack>	RodrigoPadula: at some point I will... Greg will be there
this year!  As you know, my focus is going to be on Europe, so i will
be over there... but some day ;)
<RodrigoPadula>	;-)
<fugolin1>	it's all ok?
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<fugolin1>	i think we have to be able to make some presentations at the events
<fugolin1>	i know our primarily work is not to promote ambs project
<RodrigoPadula>	i'm presenting 2 or 3 Lectures by event
<fugolin1>	but i think our project is an innvoative one
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<jmbuser>	!
<spevack>	it is my belief that the most *valuable* events are not ones
where the is only a booth, but where we have a Birds of a Feather
session, or a Q&A, or various opportunities to speak or give a talk
<RodrigoPadula>	+1
<fugolin1>	i think we could make some slides that everyone at famsco
could use to start
<fugolin1>	i think people could be interested by such discussions
<spevack>	!
<fugolin1>	spevack:
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<spevack>	my opinion -- it is moderately useful to try to make slides
for people, but overall i am not sure how useful this is
<spevack>	everyone has a different presentation style
<RodrigoPadula>	+1
<spevack>	some people (like me) try to *never* use slides unless it is
absolutely necessary
<spevack>	i think that the most important thing we can do
<spevack>	is make it clear to people who organize events that we want
to see people giving talks about Feodra
<jmbuser>	!
<spevack>	and events that are going to include sessions or talks
<spevack>	get more funding, as a means of us demonstrating that importance.
<spevack>	not to say that every event must have a session
<spevack>	but the big ones definitely should
<spevack>	EOF
<fugolin1>	i'm talking about slides, but i was talking about something
that can resume the keypoint of a possible discussion
<fugolin1>	jmbuser:
<spevack>	offtopic -- /me needs to go in about 5 minutes
<jmbuser>	One important consideration is the type of event - trade
show, commercial, open source, etc.
<fugolin1>	ok, this is the last topic we are discussing today
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<spevack>	jmbuser: +1
<jmbuser>	Is the target developers and/or end users, management, etc?
<fugolin1>	jmbuser: it was only an idea, i wasn't talking about
defined talks etc...
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<jmbuser>	eof
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<fugolin1>	as i said this meeting would be the place to discuss case per case
<fugolin1>	each event
<fugolin1>	and try to define some guidelines
<fugolin1>	that's all
<fugolin1>	read the beggining of this topic
<spevack>	i think that one of the positive side effects
<spevack>	of trying to use May 1 as a deadline for the June - August events
<spevack>	is that it will give us a chance to examine each event
<spevack>	and suggest to the organizers what sorts of things should be at it
<spevack>	depending on size, what type of people come, etc.
<spevack>	EOF
<jmbuser>	+1
<RodrigoPadula>	+1
<RodrigoPadula>	i have many events to cover!! sugestion are very welcome!
<fugolin1>	RodrigoPadula: as i said at the begginning of this issue
<fugolin1>	this would be the place to discuss about this
<spevack>	RodrigoPadula: you are already doing a great job ;)
<fugolin1>	after i took an off-topic way
<fugolin1>	At the end: would  to add thyouis space or just to define
some key meetings to talk about such issue?
<fugolin1>	bad keyboard
<fugolin1>	Would you add this space in each meeting or ...
<fugolin1>	that's a question
<jmbuser>	!
<fugolin1>	jmbuser:
<jmbuser>	Do you mean something like - these are upcoming events and
discuss strategy?
<jmbuser>	eof
<fugolin1>	ok, i was a little bit caotic
<fugolin1>	i'm talking about upcoming events that will be covered by a
famsco member
<fugolin1>	i think it would be better to define it in a mail
<spevack>	fugolin1: why don't we move it to the list then, and talk
about it there?
*	spevack needs to go anyway :(
<fugolin1>	yep
<jmbuser>	+1
<fugolin1>	it is what i want :)
<fugolin1>	for today we have finished
<spevack>	thank you for leading our meeting today francesco!
<jmbuser>	+1
<fugolin1>	thank you too
<spevack>	talk to you all later -- have a good weekend.
<fugolin1>	ok
<fugolin1>	thanks to be here
<fugolin1>	i will post the proposal tomorrow
<RodrigoPadula>	thanks max!!
<fugolin1>	today i'm using my ibook and it has a really uncofortable keyboard
<fugolin1>	blah....
<RodrigoPadula>	see you! I will send to you a mail with many latin
american results ;-)
<fugolin1>	the next time i will use a wired one
<fugolin1>	RodrigoPadula: great
<fugolin1>	as you know i love feedbacks
<RodrigoPadula>	;-)
<RodrigoPadula>	i love results hehehe
<fugolin1>	i work better if i had some datas to analyze
<fugolin1>	ehehe
<fugolin1>	result is my second name :)
<jmbuser>	Is the meeting over officially?
<RodrigoPadula>	in latin american... all is going very well
<fugolin1>	ops
<fugolin1>	== Meeting Adjourned ==

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