[Ambassadors] EMEA Membership Questions

Jeroen van Meeuwen kanarip at kanarip.com
Sun May 11 11:53:01 UTC 2008

Sebastian Vahl wrote:
> Please take this just as a question: So far this discussion was between 
> europeans (plus Max). The founders of EMEA are all europeans (and Chitlesh 
> who is AFAIK still living in Europe). 
> So the height of the fee might be decided based on european living standards? 

We did not look at what a person would be able to spend, at all. It has
never been about the number of members, or getting everyone to join us. 
Your involvement already serves us plenty. And besides, as we could not, 
and did not want to, request or require people to join, the membership 
fee is a donation - not a purchase of the right to chime in, because you 
have that already.

The first proposition for a member fee was 10,24 EURO/month. Everyone
agreed. I suggested it would be simpler to take 128 EURO/year, and
everyone agreed. Vote passed.

Imagine the membership fee would be 10 EURO/year. To transfer that
money, you would have to pay at least that same amount of money. That, I
think, does not give anyone the impression the money is getting where
it's supposed to get. Bad idea.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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