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[Ambassadors] FAMNA Meeting Summary from 2008-09-09

FAMNA: Meeting 2008-09-09

EventBox Structure coming along
  Updates to the EventBox wiki page
  Removed mini pc and LCD display in favor of XO and an EEEPC like
machine for usb creation station.
  Discussed the benefits of the Pelican 1610 vs Pelican 1660 Boxes.
Herlo indicated that he had a bit of extra money and would probably
purchase the 1610 next week.

FUDCon F11 AmbassadorKit Hackfest
  Build an AmbassadorKit by EOD Friday
  The DesignService request has been made, so this should be something
we can coordinate with the Art team.

FAD OLF was discussed
  Plan was to meet next Monday to discuss an agenda
  Ought to have some cool artwork created for this soon.
  Probably ought to have something fun to do while there as well.
Maybe some sort of entertainment.

Stickers request by DemonJester
  Conversations in Marketing are ongoing
  He said he'd do research for his part this time.

Better logging of meetings on wiki
  Agreed that logger should update meeting agenda and links on
Ambassadors/Meetings page.
  DemonJester offered to update the Meetings page with links to catch
up on the archive.
  Ke4qqq suggested (previous to the meeting) that the pages be
automatically created.  This could benefit any group that holds

Anything I missed?

All of this detail will be available shortly at



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