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Re: [Ambassadors] Small Fedora 12 Install Fest By VGLUG At Ahmedabad.


On 2009-12-09 sankarshan wrote:
> One beautiful thing about an installation fest it that it gets the
> participants talking with each other and, the coach who is leading the
> fest. This does provide windows of opportunity to slip in messages
> pertaining to The Fedora Project as well as pointing out areas of "how
> to join" to interested participants.

I am in the process of bootstrapping a local free software users and
enthusiasts community where I live, and I'm doing a very simple process
that you might be interested in. It should help people gather together
and get used to chatting and getting involved in the project.

I wrote about it in: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Cafe_con_Linux

Fábio Olivé
ex sed lex awk yacc, e pluribus unix, amem
na matemática das idéias, permuta é igual a adição
e um debate inteligente implementa a multiplicação

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