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Re: [Ambassadors] Red Hat Virtual Experience report


I'm the man "with the gap between Fedora an RHEL" (sic).

Sorry to not identifying myself as an ambassador.

I was commenting with Max a problem that my company has with a big
customer, with a very complex set of needs.

For the server they have pretty clear that RHEL it's the way to go (or
CentOS when paid support it's not important), but for the desktop it's
different because they want to migrate from Windows to a
state-of-the-art desktop.

Basically they want the RHEL support (7 years), with the cutting edge
features of Fedora (only 18 months, and then reinstall or play with
upgrade). And I want to own a Ferrari :)

We know that this very unlikely to happen because the long time support
and ABI compatibility over time implies app version freezing, so we're
proposing RHEL for desktops that require long time support (and "suffer"
Gnome 2.16, etc), and Fedora for the rest.

Overall they're happy with the idea (three levels: RHEL for long time
paid support, CentOS for long time community support and Fedora for
cutting edge desktops -- and satellite/spacewalk to manage them all).

The weak point comes when the Fedora support ends. Too much desktops to
reinstall, or upgrade (that actually isn't 100% perfect).

Than was a complex conversation to have in the minimal-tiny chat box of
the Fedora booth, but anyway :)

Comments are welcome, because it seems to me a nice case to prove your
advocacy abilities :)



El mié, 09-12-2009 a las 16:13 -0500, Max Spevack escribió:
> Hi all,
> Here's my "trip report" from the Red Hat Virtual Experience.  Some 
> interesting conversations, and frequently-asked-questions that lots of 
> Ambassadors will get.
> http://spevack.livejournal.com/95091.html
> --Max
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