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Re: [Ambassadors] Red Hat Virtual Experience report

On Wed, 9 Dec 2009, Scott Dowdle wrote:

MY MAIN POINT IN SENDING THIS EMAIL IS... how many enjoyed it and would like to use it for Fedora?

My only regret though is that the event was outsourced to virtualevents365.com (this was my first use of their service) and that it, I assume, is a closed service/product... and based strongly on Flash.. If there were unresolved concerns about using virtualevents365.com for a Fedora virtual conference, maybe Fedora could setup up a DimDim server (http://www.dimdim.com/) as an almost suitable substitute that is much more open/free?!?

The things that are actionable here are:

(1) Figure out if DimDim is in a state where we could successfully use it to try out a Fedora-like virtual event.

(2) Depending on the answer, do one or more of the following:

* Put together an event in DimDim, just because it would be interesting. Anyone care to volunteer to look into this?

* Work on making DimDim better upstream.

* Put together a virtual event on IRC. We already know that Fedora Classroom is a successful virtual education model. We did an online FUDCon a few years ago, and I think we've learned a lot since then that would make for a good event, especially if it was one day with a strong focus, etc.


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