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Re: [Ambassadors] The 4f-problematic of Fedora.

Hello, this is my point of view of 4-foundations:

2009/12/18 Josephine Tannhäuser <josephine tannhauser googlemail com>
Hi all,

I have some problems with the definitions of the 4f's.

friends - this is a clear thing , we are all friends, the world is
pink and there are no conflicts (until proven otherwise)

 We not only share a common environment, we also share experiences, meals, chats and sometimes some users are family or make their best friends around community (this is my particular case)

features - is a clear thing to, fedora is a distribution huge amount
of features (perhaps not enough features ;-) we need more).

We are always improving, if you see other distros packages, you will see that many times they have old versions while we have *almost always* the most new software.

first - there is my first problem. This is like a racing duel with
other distributions. We can not win on all sectors. This is more a
destination, our goal.... We WANT to be the first, but we are not
always the first.

I think this is not only about the environment. If you check our developers list, artwork, translations, package and go on; you'll find also people who leads Free/libre Software around the world. Be first is not only be at top of some ranking, is also be first as a profetional, community and team.

freedom - This one is my biggest problem. What's the definition of freedom?
The definition of freedom, which was definied by the FSF, formed the
understanding of freedom in the whole world. And the FSF (Richard
Stallman himself) said, that fedora is not free. So what's the current
understanding of freedom in the fedoraproject?
I haven't found arguments to discuss with someone about it.

Freedom is related to something like this "we have both packages (free/libres and some non-free/libres)" *you are free to choose because is your computer*.

FSF philosophy is not about "let the user choose", is more like "we choose what you can and can not use". Fedora let the choice to the user... that's what *freedom* really means.

Merry Christmas :)


Josephine "Fine" Tannhäuser

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