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Re: [Ambassadors] During some of my review of the Fedora 12 "Constantine, " Fedora 12 Talking Points. :)

The wikipage Fedora_12_Talking_Points was to briefly introduce anyone
with information about the major work done by fedora contributors.

Almost - there's a subtle but important difference I think we (Marketing) may have been unclear about when making and talking about our talking points, and for that I apologize.

The F12 talking points are to briefly introduce the major work done by Fedora contributors *for the F12 Desktop Spin release.* That means that talking points for other Spins should go elsewhere - the question is where.

Chitlesh pointed out (rightfully so!) that there wasn't a place for release-specific items for each Spin.

>> http://spins.fedoraproject.org/
>> http://spins.fedoraproject.org/fel/

Those spin sites contain various information about the spin team and
spin product. In this case, the talking points were targeting F-12
release only.

That means we should create one! I'm trying to restructure the Marketing wiki pages to carve out space for this - in particular, see:


You'll notice that the page is still extremely messy, I'm still in the middle of it but wanted to (I'm about to take a break to hunt for bike tools, but I'll be back on this later tonight.) The idea is that each deliverable type (sample deliverable types are "talking points," "feature profiles," "screenshot library") will have a few things:

* a SOP on how to make that type of deliverable (what Marketing will follow in order to make our Desktop Spin deliverable, but usable by other groups who want to make it for their Spin as well)
* the Marketing (Desktop Spin) deliverable for that release

...so far, that's what we have. But then I'd like to add...

* a place for other deliverables of that type for things that *aren't* the Desktop Spin, for each release.

So in this example, we would have

* Talking Points SOP (How to make talking points for any Spin/project)
* F13 Talking Points (Desktop Spin, made by the Marketing team)
* Other F13 Talking Points (non-Desktop-Spin, made by other groups - who can, by the way, ask the Marketing team for help)
** FEL F13 Talking Points
** KDE F13 Talking Points
** Design Studio F13 Talking Points
** Cool Things The Infrastructure Team Has Done During The F13 Cycle Talking Points
** LATAM Community F13 Talking Points

...and so on - notice that talking points can be made for things that aren't Spins, too.

Would that work out?


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