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Re: [Ambassadors] Brand Fuel Baseball Cap manufacturer

On 12/28/2009 10:24 AM, Joerg Simon wrote:
On Monday 28 December 2009 04:56:40 Ryan Rix wrote:
Hey Max, all,
Ambassadors were discussing in IRC about ordering some Fedora embroidered
baseball caps for event swag, and the general consensus was that the Brand
Fuel caps were really nice, and it would be cool if we could get them
  ordered from their manufacturer.

Brand Fuel is the RedHat Vendor, in the past other vendors could provide
better prices.

Do you (Max) or anyone on either marketing or ambassadors have any details
  on the manufacturer that Brand Fuel uses and how we could get in contact
  with them?

Not for Brand Fuel - but maybe it is a good idea to ask the vendors listed

As far as i know Pascal Calarco took care for stiched fedora-polos in North
America - if the vendor has already a stich-card, it can be a cheaper
alternative to produce the caps by this vendor - just ask Pascal.

Hi all --

Do we have SVG art that we want to use for this already? If so, I can forward this to the folks who did the Ambassadors polos to get a quote on the caps.

Screen Printed Products does do embroidery, and they do produce baseball caps[1]

[1] http://www.screenprintedproducts.com/Embroidery.html

  - pascal

cu Joerg

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