[Ambassadors] Re: inactive ambassadors, a proposed solution

Ashiqur Rahman Angel angel at linux.org.bd
Sat Feb 21 06:03:43 UTC 2009

2009/2/21 Shambo Bose <shambo.linux at gmail.com>

> +1
> But I think some kind of reporting should be done. I am telling this though
> I don't get enough time to update wiki , attend meetings myself but from the
> point of view of Fedora we should consider the scenario too. May be we are
> working silently and are active but how come other ambassadors will know
> that ? We should at least report our activities once a week, if not possible
> every fortnight in the wiki or to this mailing list or to other ambassador
> in our region.
> I am going to follow this from now on rather I should.
> Regards ,
> Shambo Bose
Let others know, what you are doing. I think, everyone can give 10 minutes
to write a report at least once in a month. And I don't think, it's
impossible to give 10 minutes, once in a month, no matter, what you are,
where you from or what you are doing.

Now if you can't do this, surely, you are not active or you just don't care!
And if you can't give 10 minutes for the project (once in a month), why did
you apply for Ambassadors?

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