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María Leandro tatica at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jul 2 13:40:44 UTC 2009

Hello to all.

It is with great pleasure that I send you the summary of activities
and the list of new projects which consensus was reached over at the
first FUDcon LATAM (Fedora Users and Developers Conference of Latin
America), which took place at FISL10 (Festival Internacional de
Software Livre 10).

Before I begin, I would like to give a very special thanks to Rodrigo
Padula de Oliveira, because of his efforts to achieve Latin American
unification. Every year a number of ambassadors, based on meritocracy,
can attend events such as this to share, learn and teach; so Rodrigo,
thank you for this great opportunity for cultural and professional
exchange from all us. Likewise, I would like to give many thanks to
the guys from the Fedora community in Brazil, thanks for your patience
trying to understand us, for your enthusiasm in teaching us how you
have become so successful and have accomplished so much; and also for
keeping an eternal smile on our faces for the whole of the five days
we were in Brazil, I am sure that each of you has left a special mark
on all of us. And last but not least, to ourselves ...

Latam friends; Ricardo and Matias from Argentina, Neville from
Nicaragua, Nushio from Mexico and me (tatica) from Venezuela. We had a
great opportunity to discuss many things and I hope that this
opportunity will come up again for us because I believe that we all
benefited hugely from it.

Now we can get into the details of the conference. I've tried to
divide the information into several sections so that those that have
some particular interest have an index of what's covered:

 * FISL 10
 * FUDcon LATAM.
 * New structure to Fedora Latam.

=========================== FISL 10 ===========================

In particular, we completely outdid ourselves when we said that the
FISL is the largest Free Software event in Latin America, since we
achieved an approximate attendance of 8,000 people (thx for correcting
me Nushio). It's an event which is characterized by showing the path
that free software has followed in all areas; we were in the exhibit
hall with a lot of distributions, software houses, applications and
user groups. The event also follows an extensive itinerary with
conferences held by each area: some 150 conferences were held (or
perhaps even more, I think).

One of the best things at FISL 10 was the presence of the President of
Brazil, Mr. Lula da Silva, on the Friday, who showed us a particular
interest in learning more about freedom and he left us with a phrase
which I believe contains some of the ideals we strive for in our
community ... "It is forbidden to forbid."

The event had an impressive list of conferences to satisfy anyone's
tastes. There were basic topics, some more advanced talks about
projects in development and many more things that always filled the
room. Furthermore, in the exhibitors hall, it was always difficult to
walk due to the amount of people, and I think there were more than
1000 meters of open exhibition, many cushions to sit down on and chat,
programming areas, obsolete computers recovered with some artistic
themes... this was the perfect opportunity to have everything to do
with technology under one roof.

=========================== FUDcon LATAM ===========================

The FUDcon LATAM was held on Thursday and Friday because, under
agreement, Fedora got a conference room specifically for this
activity. Likewise, I believe that in particular the conferences given
by Michael Tiemann, Dennis Gilmore and Toshio Kuratomi gave a special
touch to the event, showing us more about the inner workings of the
International Fedora Project.

>From Fedora Latam came a talk orientated towards technical education
which featured topics such as developing a framework for robotics
education and success stories of fedora in labs for schools, reusing
old PC hardware from the 486sx onwards, with 4 MB ram. The lecture was
given by Fedora Argentina and was the only one offered in Spanish. It
should be noted that this project has already been implemented in 15
schools in Argentina and is supported by the Ministry of Education.

After all the talks we had a general meeting where we discussed
various topics, list progress and proposals from the international
community, Brazil and LATAM, to generate a new scheme of work that can
help us to grow even more.

=========================== New structure to Fedora Latam.

I think the most valuable thing that Nushio, Matias, Ricardo, Neville
and I were able to learn about the success of the Brazilian Fedora
community is that when there is order, it is much easier to do more
things. For that reason, after much talk amongst ourselves and with
the leaders of each project in Brazil, we will split off some
activities so as to be more efficient in the activities that have
differentiated us from everybody else. We consider that this
constitution does not formally include Brazilian members, because we
want to concentrate more on developing the community in our native
language, although the leaders of the Brazilian teams will be our
permanent consultants whilst we achieve our organizational goal.

Education Team
Neville Cross - yn1v

Support Team
Neville Cross - yn1v

Public Relations Team
María Gracia Leandro - tatica

Artwork Team
María Gracia Leandro - tatica

Projects Team
Matias Maceira Matias_arg

Development Team
Matias Maceira Matias_arg

Infrastructure Team

Juan Rodriguez - nushio

Packaging Team
Juan Rodriguez - nushio

Documentation Team:
Guillermo Gómez - gomix

Teams Structure:
  * leader (must have been an ambassador for 1+ year)
  * co-leader (must have been an ambassador for 1+ year)
  * co-leader2 (must have been an ambassador for 6+ months)
  * national head (must have been an ambassador for 6+ months)
  * collaborators.

leader: annual elections (every 2 releases).

=========================== ===========================

Have a great day!!!

Maria Gracia Leandro
LinuxUser= 440285
GPG Public Key: E1CDCC56
"Be yourself... Don't be anyone else"

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